Better, healthier and younger you.
Bespoke treatment plans and a systematic and holistic approach to each stage of your transformation.
About me
I'm Dr Elena Karnovitch, a GMC registered doctor with 25 years of experience in hospital medicine. I apply my knowledge of traditional approaches for dealing with diseases combined with functional medicine, where lifestyle and nutrition are taken into account when creating treatment plans for my patients.

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Our main focus
We provide a variety of services, including aesthetic treatments, health optimisation, immune system support, cardiometabolic plans and sleep improvement. Our main goal is to give very personalised advice and recommendations to help you to achieve the best results. 
It is impossible to look good and slow down aging if you don’t sleep at night, or if you eat the wrong foods and are dehydrated or constipated. We offer a systematic approach to anti-ageing treatment alongside cosmetic procedures.
Energy restoration
Fatigue is the most common complaint among my patients, especially after COVID. We can help to maximize your energy for the life you deserve.
Immune system support
Prevention is the best way to deal with an illness and infections in particular. The gut microbiome plays a vital part in your overall immunity and that is why we focus on gut health when we talk about immune support as well as nutrition, sleep, stress management and movement.
What our customers say 💚
  • Justin
    I can't recommend this clinic enough! I've had mixed experiences with similar services elsewhere, but I am very glad I sought treatment here. It's refreshing to not only get exactly what I came for, but also a wholistic approach to treatment and follow-up care that has ensured the best possible results that continue to provide benefit to me. I won't be looking anywhere else in the future, and neither should you.
  • Omo Lara
    The level of professionalism displayed by Dr Elena at her clinic is outstanding. Her attention to details and her listening abilities was exceptional and this is why I have introduced my other families and friends to Dr Elena’s clinic.
  • Miranda Sawyer
    I first went to see Dr Elena for work (I'm a journalist and I was writing about treatments: I didn't tell her!) and was really pleasantly surprised by the whole process. She gave me botox and fillers and the results were brilliant: I looked like myself, but rested. I then went to see her for a pigmentation problem and she gave me a micro-needling treatment that helped my skin rejuvenate, though I think I would need a few more of such treatments to really see a difference in the darkest of the brown pigmentation marks (she explained this before giving me the treatment). Dr Elena is always scrupulously professional and honest, careful and caring. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Dr Elena for any treatments you need.
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